If you are looking for long term relief from the discomfort and irritation caused by dry eyes, then IPL dry eyes treatment is your best solution.
IPL for dry eyes

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light.  Flashes of bright light are used to stimulate the Meibomian glands in the lower eyelids.  These glands produce oils which are an important part of the tear film on the eye. Most cases of dry eyes are caused by a blockage in these glands.  This makes the tear film unstable and causes discomfort.  IPL for dry eyes treatment restores the glands back to more normal function.

Research at the University of Auckland showed that after just three treatments with the IPL, 86% of people had a significant improvement.  Read more

At least three quick, painless treatments over a period of 6 weeks are recommended.  A top-up dry eyes treatment may be needed after several months.  

IPL treatment for dry eyes is easy and painless.  No needles or injections are needed. IPL dry eyes treatment

What is it like to have an IPL dry eyes treatment?

You will be seated comfortably and small goggles will be placed over your eyes to protect them from the bright light.  Next a layer of gel will be placed on your upper cheek under your lower eyelids. The machine will then be turned on and the head of the machine gently placed on your skin just below your lower eyelid and a flash of light administered. You will feel a ‘warmth’ on your cheeks and lids. Several more application of the IPL will be applied to different positions along the lower lid.  The gel is then wiped off.

Afterwards, a drop of local anaesthetic will be put in each eye to allow a gentle squeezing of your lower eyelids to express some oil from your meibomian glands.

And that’s it.  IPL for dry eyes is easy, effective and affordable.

Click here to see another short video of an IPL treatment.

Call for a dry eye assessment consultation to see if you are suited to the IPL treatment on (03) 9583 0855.