Omega 3 and dry eyes: make sure it’s re-esterified omega 3 (Lacritec)

New study confirms the benefit of omega 3 for dry eyes

In recent years several studies have shown the value of omega 3 for dry eyes.  This latest study published in the journal Cornea, last month, found re-esterified omega 3 oil significantly improved the tears of people suffering dry eyes.
Re-esterified omega 3 refers to the way the fish oil is processed.  Re-esterified omega 3 is much better absorbed from the gut than other forms of the oil.

In this new research, 105 subjects were put in two groups, one group was given the re-esterified omega 3 capsules and the other group were given a capsule with no oil.

After 6 weeks and then again after 12 weeks, their tears were given a series of tests.  Those taking the omega-3 capsules showed continued improvement on every test over the 12 weeks compared to the control group.

Should I take re-esterified Omega 3 capsules?

It you have dry eyes, yes, you should consider taking at least 2 Lacritec omega 3 for dry eyes capsules each day.  The research is clear that re-esterified omega 3 oil is far superior to other formulations.  
Lacritec is available at our Mentone and Camberwell stores.

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