If you have dry eyes, take Lacritec

There is new evidence that specially formulated and natural-processed Omega 3 oils, such as Lacritec, taken orally, is a useful adjunct in relieving dry eyes symptoms.  Lacritec capsules, made in Australia, is no substitute for IPL treatment but is a very good in helping to reduce dry eye inflammation and symptoms .

Not all fish oils have the same effect. The way the fish oil is processed makes a significant difference to how well the surface of the eyes responds to its beneficial effects.  Unlike most fish oil, Lacritec is formulated and made so as to have maximum beneficial effects on the eyes.

Dr Eric Donnenfeld, a clinical professor of ophthalmology at New York University Medical Center, recently reported on his research which showed that over a 3 month period, Omega 3 oil, like Lacritec, significantly reduced dry eye symptoms. The research showed less inflammation and improved tear function in those who received these capsules.

In his summary of his research, Dr Donnenfeld underscored the importance of using natural preparations of omega-3 because of the superior absorption (higher omega-3 index) compared with synthetic products.

For more information see:  http://ophthalmologytimes.modernmedicine.com/ophthalmologytimes/news/natural-oral-omega-3-supplement-improves-dry-eye-parameters-3-months

What’s is like to have IPL Dry Eye Treatment?

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