What’s it like to have an IPL E>Eye Treatment?

It’s easy and painless.  No needles or injections. You will be asked not to wear any make-up to your treatment appointment.  If you have eyebrow jewellery or a nose ring, you will need to remove these for the treatment but they can be put back on immediately afterwards.

You will be seated comfortably.  Protective goggles will be placed over your eyes to protect them from the bright light.  Then a layer of gel will be placed on your upper cheeks below your eyelids.  The E>Eye application head is then gently placed against your cheek below your lower eyelid and a flash is applied.  The procedure is repeated several times with the E>Eye head moved along your cheek towards your nose.  You will be aware of the flash of light and you will feel a ‘warmth’ below your eyelid but there will be no discomfort or pain.

The gel is then wiped off and a drop of local anaesthetic placed in your eyes.  This is to allow gentle squeezing of your lower eyelid meibomian glands to express a small quantity of oil.

That’s it!   It’s simple, quick and effective.

Watch this short video of a treatment.

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