Dry eyes treatment with IPL

Dry eyes treatment with IPL

Dry eyes treatment has been revolutionized with IPL for dry eyes.  It’s quick and effective, giving lasting relief.  

The E>Eye machine for dry eyes treatment uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to stimulate the Meibomian glands in the eyelids.  In most cases of dry eyes, these oil-producing  glands  are dysfunctional. They are blocked and don’t release enough oil into the tear film of the eyes. This makes the tear film unstable and causes dry eye discomfort.   Click here to find out more about Dry Eyes.

Just three quick, painless treatments over a period of 6 weeks are needed.  A top-up treatment may be needed after several months.  (No needles or injections!)

Watch this Current Affair (Channel 9) video clip.

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An IPL dry eyes treatment is a simple procedure:

  1. You are seated comfortably and protective goggles are placed over your eyes to protect them from the bright light.
  2. A layer of gel is applied to your upper cheeks below your eyelids.
  3. The application head of the IPL device is then gently placed against your cheek below your lower eyelid and a flash is applied.  The procedure is repeated several times as the head is moved to four other positions below the eyelid.
  4. You will be aware of the flash of light and you will feel a mild ‘warmth’ below your eyelid but there will be no discomfort or pain.
  5. The goggles are then removed and the gel is wiped off.
  6. Usually, this is followed by an additional quick procedure to express some oil from the Meibomian eyelid glands.  A single drop of local anaesthetic is placed in your eyes and gentle squeezing of the lower lids is performed to express a small quantity of oil.

That’s it!   IPL is a simple, quick and effective dry eye treatment.

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